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  • 家居技巧之怎么BEAUTIFY你的房間


    9 Tips to Beautify Any Room in Your Home

    By?Ashley Knierim?


    作者:?Ashley Knierim?


    There's just something about a?gorgeous(美麗動人)room, like this one from?cortneybishopdesign, that makes us never want to leave the house. Sure, there's a great big world out there—but once you get each room of your house?just right, it's natural to look forward to spending some?quality?(高質量的)time there. A lot of choices go into decorating your home, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of every room in your house.


    A little color, a little texture, and a bit of?personality can make a world of difference in your home. Here are some of our favorite ideas to transform a space without a lot of hassle?(麻煩). ?


    Focus on Color


    Though we're?big fans of neutral and?white-washed rooms?, there's something about a splash of bold color that makes a room feel like it's right out of magazine spread. This bright bedroom from?angelag090?is simple and tasteful, but the pops of yellow, blue and purple take it to the next level. From your bathroom to your?living room, color is an easy addition to every room in your house, and one that will make it feel instantly fresh and new.?


    Use Mirrors


    Oh My Dear Blog

    If you want to make your home look bigger, there's no need to call a contractor. Decorating with mirrors is an easy, beautiful way to make any room feel larger,?lighter and more open. This living room from?Oh My Dear Blog?is a great example of just how much mirrors can really contribute. Place a large mirror either directly across or diagonal from your window so that it can reflect the light (both natural and artificial, if you're low on windows) and allow the room to look larger.?

    如果你想讓你的房子看起來更大,沒必要叫承包商。用鏡子裝飾是一種讓任何房間感覺更大、更明亮、更開放的簡單、極好的方式。這間客廳來自Oh My Dear Blog?是一個很好的例子,說明了鏡子到底能貢獻多少。在窗戶的正對面或斜對面放置一個大鏡子,這樣它可以反射光線(自然光和人造光,如果窗戶較低的話),讓房間看起來更大。

    Add Accessories to Every Room給房間加點配件


    One of the easiest ways to add beauty to your home is to experiment?with accessories and design-forward objects. This crisp, modern bathroom from?houseofjules?feels totally cohesive and put together—and though it's not cluttered (雜亂的), knickknacks?(小玩意兒) like the stool next to the tub and the greenery on the sink make it feel homey. When?decorating with accessories, consider filling empty space in purposeful ways—pick objects you love and that bring you joy.?

    給你的家增添美的最簡單的方法之一就是用配件和設計前衛的物品進行嘗試。這間來自Houseofjules的整潔、現代的浴室,感覺非常有凝聚力,(小配件)組合在一起,然而 并不雜亂,但像浴缸旁邊的凳子和水池上的綠色植物這樣的小擺設,讓人覺得很舒服。當用配件裝飾時,考慮用有目的的方式填滿空曠的空間,挑選你喜歡的,能給你帶來快樂的物品。

    Sprinkle (點綴)in Some Greenery



    Ask any interior?designer, and they'll tell you that one of the easiest ways to beautify a room is to add greenery or florals. This adorable bar cart from?sunnycirclestudio?is classy (時尚的)on its own, but the vase of eucalyptus?(桉樹)really pulls the look together. Fill the empty nooks?(角落) and crannies?(縫隙) in your home with?indoor trees, seasonal bouquets or some wallet-friendly greenery to give every room a designer's touch.


    Embrace Natural Light


    ?A Beautiful Mess

    If you've got?it, flaunt?(炫耀) it. Natural light is desirable for a reason; it makes every room feel calming and open, and makes things a lot simpler for your overall design scheme. This living space from?A Beautiful Mess?embraces the floor-to-ceiling windows by making them the focal point of the room. Whether you're lucky enough to have an abundance of natural light or you have to work with less-than-ideal exposures, never neglect your windows. Finding the right curtains or shades for your room can transform the look and feel instantly.?

    如果你擁有它,炫耀它。(習語:有什么能耐施出來瞧瞧,直譯:如果你擁有它,炫耀它。此處一語雙關)自然光的可取是有它的原因的。它使每個房間平靜、開放,并使整個設計方案更簡單。這個來自“A Beautiful Mess”的生活空間,采用落地窗設計為房間的焦點。不管你是幸運地擁有充足的自然光,還是你不得不處理不理想的環境,千萬不要忽視你的窗戶。為您的房間找到合適的窗簾或窗戶可以立即改變外觀和感覺。

    Don't Be Afraid to Experiment不要害怕嘗試


    Every home we love has one thing in common: creativity. Anyone can fill a house with showroom furniture, but for a truly gorgeous space, it's important to let your imagination take the lead. This dining room from?crystalanninteriors?ditches tradition and uses a modern leather loveseat for seating instead of a full set of chairs.?


    Update Your Tile(瓷磚)更換你的瓷磚

    Studio Mcgee

    In your bathroom or kitchen, tile is one of the most important elements of a cohesive design. If you want to add beauty to your kitchen, spice up your tile. This stunning kitchen from?Studio Mcgee?features a pearlescent?subway tile that's an eye-catching shift from the standard fare. Focusing on the base elements of a room, like flooring, tile or paint color, lays the groundwork and allows the rest of the room's design to shine through.?

    在你的浴室或廚房,瓷磚是一個凝聚力設計最重要的元素之一。如果你想給你的廚房增添美感,那就給你的瓷磚加點料吧。這家位于麥基工作室(Studio McGee)的令人驚嘆的廚房采用了珠光subway瓷磚,與標準內容相比,這是一個引人注目的轉變。專注于房間的基本元素,如地板、瓷磚或油漆顏色,奠定了基礎,就可以使房間的其余設計閃耀通過。

    ? Add Texture

    ? 加入質感


    From area rugs to throw pillows to cozy blankets, textiles help break a room up and visual interest (plus, who doesn't love the feel of a super-soft rug underfoot?). This living room from?restoring_home?has everything we love about a beautiful space—greenery, varied lighting, perfectly curated (組織)furniture—but it's that?Moroccan-inspired?area rug that really takes it to the next level.?


    Reduce the Clutter


    Coco Kelly

    We love this modern kitchen from?Coco Kelly?for its stunning design and gorgeous accessories, but even if your kitchen doesn't have the same top-to-bottom renovation, a quick clean can go a long way. This kitchen's counters are free of unnecessary clutter, which makes it appear larger and more inviting. In every room in your house, finding ways to hide or?get rid of unnecessary things?is one of the best ways to help create a sense of beauty in your space.?

    我們喜歡可可凱利(Coco Kelly)的這間現代廚房,因為它的設計和華麗的配件令人驚嘆,但即使您的廚房沒有同樣的自上而下的裝修,簡單的整潔也意義重大。這個廚房的柜臺沒有不必要的雜亂,這使它顯得更大,更誘人。在你家的每一個房間里,隱藏或者丟棄一些不必要的東西是幫助你在空間中創造美的最好方法之一。



    (informal) very beautiful and attractive; giving pleasure and enjoyment?非常漂亮的;美麗動人的;令人愉快的


    [只用于名詞前] used especially by people trying to sell goods or services to say that sth is of a high quality?優質的;高質量的



    a situation that is annoying because it involves doing sth difficult or complicated that needs a lot of effort?困難;麻煩

    Send them an email─it's a lot less hassle than phoning.


    sprinkle |?spr??kl|

    to include a few of sth in sth else?使某物包含少量的另一物;用…點綴


    ~ (up) (with sb/sth) covered with, or full of, a lot of things or people, in a way that is untidy?雜亂的;凌亂的;擠滿的

    a cluttered room/desk

    亂七八糟的房間 / 桌面

    knickknack |?'n?kn?k|

    a small inexpensive mass-produced article??小玩意兒;

    classy |?klɑ:si; |

    (informal) of high quality; expensive and/or fashionable 上等的;豪華的;時髦的


    [可數名詞,?不可數名詞] (pl. eucalyptuses or, eucalypti |-ta?|)

    ( also eucalyptus tree, gum tree) a tall straight tree with leaves that produce an oil with a strong smell, that is used in medicine. There are several types of eucalyptus and they grow especially in Australasia.?桉樹(尤產于澳大拉西亞)


    a small quiet place or corner that is sheltered or hidden from other people?僻靜處;幽靜的角落

    a shady nook in the garden



    a very small hole or opening, especially in a wall?(尤指墻上的)小孔,縫隙,裂縫



    to show sth you are proud of to other people, in order to impress them?炫耀;夸示;夸耀;賣弄

    He did not believe in flaunting his wealth.


    if you've got it, flaunt it

    (humorous,saying) used to tell sb that they should not be afraid of allowing other people to see their qualities and abilities?有什么能耐施出來瞧瞧

    tile |ta?l|

    a flat, usually square, piece of baked clay , carpet or other material that is used in rows for covering walls and floors (貼墻或鋪地用的)瓷磚,地磚,小方地毯,片狀材料

    ceramic floor tiles



    (VERB) 組織(展覽) If an exhibition is curated by someone, they organize it.



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